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Once Upon a Bedtime…

Who is telling your child stories at night?

Is it the books you are reading?

Is it the television that sings them to sleep with jingles about cars to buy, new toys to want, or the next movie they should see?

Often life is so busy that the only time children have attention during the day is when they are being
-directed to do something, “Get your shoes on, time to get in the car and go to school.”
-or being reprimanded, “Stop hitting your brother!”

But those moments before bed, when they are struggling to make the transition between life and the Land of Nod could be the ideal time to have a tender moment or two.

Tell them a story or sing them a song.

If your mind is going blank, or shouting “What story? What songs do I know? ” have no fear. That is going to be the subject of many blogs from here on out. A big discussion of the why, when, what and how of telling stories and singing songs for your children, classroom and community.

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