Schools and Libraries

Perfect for school assemblies, church events, library programs, camps and many other gatherings!

Program Themes (a selection):
I have a large number of stories and sometimes it is helpful to gather them together. Each session lasts 45 minutes to an hour and is created to be age and developmentally appropriate

Fables and Tall Tales (K-5)
A selection of tales from around the world. This can be focused on a particular culture or theme by request.

Jack and Cinderella (K-5)
The fool and the lucky damsel have traveled around the world and pop up in many other cultures. Here some well loved stories discover a few new ones!

Clap if You Believe (K-8)
The little people, fairies, gnomes and other creatures can be found in every culture around the world. Discover a little bit more about the “other crowd”.

Take My Hand (K-5)
Stories of peace, solving disputes, and working out problems with examples from traditional tales.

Now You’ve Got the Chills (k-8)
Spooky tales for any age. I choose which tales to tell to leave the audience chilled, but not too scared.

What Would You Like to Hear?
Looking for stories from a particular culture? Looking for a story about a particular subject? I have many stories that cannot fit in these sets and may be just what you are looking for!


These workshops are designed for parents, teachers and communities to learn and play with storytelling. These workshops can be adjusted to the needs of your group.

Storytelling and Children

Studies show that storytelling supports children developing emotional recognition and expression, logical and creative thinking as well as speech and writing development. This playshop looks at how this developed in humans, other important developmental factors and how to start a culture of storytelling in your classroom.

~1.5 – 4 hours, minimum three participants

How to Survive Circle Time

Stories, fingerplays, songs and movement for the new and experienced teacher. Each participant will receive a packet with three of each category, and space to add ones shared by the group. This playshop comes in three different themes:

Seasonal (tailored to the season requested – spring, summer,fall, winter, holiday)
-Survival Kit (easy to remember, developmentally appropriate foundational stories, songs, finger plays and movement)
-Special Design (your choice!)

~3 hours, minimum three participants

Four Week Ukulele Beginners Course

This four week beginner course focuses on three things:
~Getting you comfortable with your instrument.
~Learning basic chords and strumming to give you access to hundreds of songs.
~And learning how to play, instead of practice your new instrument.

This class can be tailored to meet the needs of your community, such as focusing on age or topic appropriate material.

~each class lasts 90 minutes, four participants minimum


Knowing how to tell your story as an organization is a must. From classes to coaching, storytelling can become your strength!

Workshop or Coaching: The Power of Your Message Through Story

Does your organization have a critical message to communicate? Are you looking for a way to talk to large audiences about your cause? Using story can be a powerful way to capture attention and connect with individuals about what is important to you. I lead workshops for groups or provide one-on-one coaching, about finding and crafting the story that will get your message across to your ideal audience


Interested in having a storyteller at your child’s birthday party? 

Or having stories told at your wedding? 

Or perhaps during your holiday party?

You can choose a set from the list of program themes or request stories that match your event theme!

I also offer a few special additions you can request: