Rachel Ann’s instruments are her voice, the ukulele and loop pedal. She sings originals, crafts and plays with modern songs, and can play just about any song from preschool that you would want to hear. She rocks a mean “Wheels on the Bus.”
In the city at night
sirens howl like wolves at the moon.
Your arm’s draped across me,
the day will separate us soon.
~Howl (Working Title)~

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  • I like my neighbors. It is only once in a blue moon that the stomping of ONE THOUSAND FEET (produced by one person) wakes me up. Must be a blue moon. Good lord.
  • I was at Park Hill Asian Market and saw the dragon dance! The girl with the stick and gold ball led them around and in and out of the store. Then the lions danced and gah the cute!! The dragon and lions went into the store to bring it good luck, but always came out backwards. Does that keep the that keeps the luck from following them out the door? #luck #dragon #lion #chinesenewyear
  • I am the intruder. That is what his eyes say to me. I may only pass if it give the right belly rub. #cat #catsofinstagram